Very tedious day.

My ongoing goal is to track down full citations for sources that occur within already existing citations. I would say about 90% of the time that if I find accurate and complete source information, I also find a complete scan of said source at Am I supposed to just get the info I need and not only verify the page referenced by the author I cited, but not download a wondefully scanned document in PDF?

I download it and add the complete URL for the download to my source description that appears in another source I already cited. Yes, it is like nesting Russian dolls. I am citing a source that sites a source who in turn cites a source. As I keep saying, I am very thorough. My OCD serves me well. 😀

So, as a result, I am only at 651 sources total, and The Introduction volume’s manuscript is 1126 pages. Time to export the PDF backup and copy one to my mobile as well. Yeah. It is my OCD that won’t let me be. I use it to be organised. 😀😀

More tomorrow, true believers. 😎

Excalibur! 😳

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