Looking ahead and constantly refocusing. 😶

My short-term goal is to have the Grand Bibliography “frozen” by May’s or June’s end, no later. After that, I must verify that I have some kind of copy of all the referenced material. Most of my sources are physical, digital, or both. Physical is not restricted to a book, magazine, literary journal, or the like. A physical copy could be a textual extraction made decades ago that first existed on paper, written in pencil, and stored in a folder. Even though particular sources (from which information was extracted) could exist in digital form now, I must at least attempt to find them. That is the next step after the Grand Bibliography is “frozen”. 😐

By then I can go back to the “frozen” Grand Bibliography to be sure that all of the groups of sources that belong together are indeed listed together. This is especially necessary for web-based sources with the same and only author for the entire website. 😐

After that, I will need to be sure that the Basic Bibliographies for each of the forthcoming volumes are fundamentally complete, and that each text has both a Sources Cited and a Further Reading for the two Bibilographies that will appear in the individual volumes. 😶

The next phase would be to update the Manuscript’s sections from those that are on the website. I must be certain that both environments match in terms of their sectional structure. 😶

By year’s end, I hope to be finished with those phases so that I can fully concentrate on the content of the Manuscript’s body of work. 😀

As of today, the Grand Bibliography has 2309 sources. The Manuscript is 1333 pages. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is an off day. So, until Wednesday, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

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