The Dhyana of the Dancing Shiva

आंगिकम भुवनम यस्यवाचिकं सर्व वाङ्ग्मयमआहार्यं चन्द्र ताराधितं नुमः (वन्दे) सात्विकं शिवम् Angikam Bhuvanam YasyaVachikam Sarva VangmayamAaharyam Chandra TaradiTam Numah (Vande) Satvikam Shivam Whose Body is the Universe[Whose] Divine Vocalization is the Language of All[Whose] Adornments are the Moon and the StarsTo You we Bow in Reverence, the Truth, Lord Shiva ! ॐ नमः शिवाय ! […]

The Dhyana of the Dancing Shiva

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