The Takedown of Tyre II

Expanding his navy was actually easier for Alexander than might have been expected. Because most of his recent conquests and alliances had involved maritime powers, his new friends were willing to contribute to his fleet-building efforts. According to Arrian, Cyprus sent 120 warships to Alexander, while both Sidon and Rhodes contributed some triremes, and “about […]

The Takedown of Tyre II

The Takedown of Tyre I

Tyre, in what is now Lebanon, was the holdout. It had a unique place as the largest and most important Phoenician port in the eastern Mediterranean, and as an important Persian naval base. Tyre had been a prominent city for centuries by the time that Alexander arrived. The Phoenician merchants from Tyre had been among […]

The Takedown of Tyre I

Flesh Golem: Ewwwwww…

Two of my gravediggers were caught and hanged yesterday. The other two are understandably reluctant to meet a similar fate, but I shan’t let their concerns stall my progress. I need fresh corpses, and if those bumpkins can’t get them for me, I’ll use theirs instead. From the diary of Evangeliza Lavain, Necromancer I am […]

Flesh Golem: Ewwwwww…

The Lycurgus Cup

A drinking cup made of green and red glass depicting the various scenes of the death of King Lycurgus. A silver rim with leaf ornament mounts the cup and on the bottom, silver-gilt vine leaves. Its provenance’s unknown, the cup is dated to the Late Antiquity, about 290 – 325 CE. It measures 19.5cm (7.6in) […]

The Lycurgus Cup

Book the First, pp.25-94.

[General History of Scotland Contents]    FERGUS, commonly called the firʃt king of Scotland, ʃaid to have reigned three hundred and thirty years before the Incarnation, is reported to have been by birth an Iriʃhman; and we are told, that the inhabitants of Ireland were then called Scots. Be this as it may, the authors […]

Book the First, pp.25-94.

Mrs Jago’s Handy Guide to the Meaning Behind Typographical Errors Part XXXVI

… or ‘How To Speak Typo’ by Jane Jago ashsole (noun) – bottom of a clog attentin (adjective ) – when used to describe standing indicates a slipshod attempt at uprightness. As in: the guard’s attentin stance was clearly indicative of a wish to be elsewhere barve (verb) – to vomit at high velocity  befe (adjective) […]

Mrs Jago’s Handy Guide to the Meaning Behind Typographical Errors Part XXXVI

Birth Of Jonathan Samuel Kent

I suppose this is the latest version of Jonathan Samuel Kent’s birth, the son of Superman and Lois Lane. I remember he was originally conceived during an event, where Metropolis was trapped inside a dome and all meta-humans lost their powers inside. That was the only way Superman and Lois Lane were able to…

Birth Of Jonathan Samuel Kent