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Finally through the Grand Bibliography. 😳

A total of 2870 sources are included in the Grand Bibliography. There are others that will be folded in over time. Next is finishing the catalogue of my physical books (to make sure none were missed in the Grand Bibliography). After that will be the sorting of the Grand Bibliography into the thirty main topics areas. I still seem to be on course for the June 2024 release date for The Introduction volume. If there are any delays, it would be to push that release date one more year into the future. At present, I do not see that happening. 😁

So, True Believers, until next time, Excalibur! 😎

First Official Work Day of June 2022.

Am finally through that mythology dictionary. Currently on source 2283 out of 2894 total. At present, on schedule for the first volume to be released June 2024. I will certainly know more by year’s end.

Until next month, dear readers, Excalibur! 😎

First Official Work Day of November 2021.

Still immersed in that Mythology Dictionary from two months ago. I may indeed have to add another year to the publishing schedule (Introduction volume being published in June 2024 instead of how it is presently listed on the website as June 2023). We shall see how things go after the first of the year. Until next month, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

Welcome Fiona, Cheryl, and Wendy to Afterword for Compendium. 😁

It was decided that because the Afterword to The Compendium volume will be not only a capstone to the text itself, it will also be such to the entire Encyclopædia, that three authors were needed to properly encapsulate the content and importance of both The Compendium volume and the whole of the Circle of LogresEncyclopædia Arthuriana.

Fiona Ingram started her fiction writing career after a family trip with her mom and two young nephews to Egypt for the ‘adventure of a lifetime’ that changed her life.  She decided to write a short story for her nephews as a different kind of souvenir of their holiday.  The short story turned into a full-length book that turned into an exciting seven-book adventure series.  Fiona’s multi-award-winning middle-grade series is sure to get any reluctant young reader to love books.  She edits for a top book review company, teaches online novel writing, and is busy writing the next adventure in the series.

Cheryl Carpinello is a retired high school English teacher.  After 20+ years of working with students who didn’t like to read, she discovered the topics that inspired those Reluctant Readers to pick up books: Arthurian Legend and stories from the Ancient World.  With her Tales & Legends, she inspires Reluctant Young Readers & others to read more and explore the legends of the world.

After teaching French, Latin, and Classical Studies for almost 20 years, Wendy Leighton-Porter’s career took a new direction when she decided to fulfil her ambition of becoming a children’s author.  A passion for history inspired her debut writing project – an ambitious 25-part series of Middle-Grade time-travel adventures, Shadows from the Past.  Each of the stories is set during periods of history that have always fascinated her, including that of the Dark Ages world of Arthurian legend.  Adventure and education always go hand-in-hand in Wendy’s books, which are designed to allow young readers to learn, perhaps without even realising it.

Welcome aboard Fiona, Cheryl, and Wendy!

My Latest Article at Arthurian Legends blog. 😎

The Robert de Boron Cycle.

Last work day of the month. 😁

The new schedule is helping to assure that I do not burn out. 😱

Presently at 6 July 2018 in my emails. Always keep in mind that I am going backward through my email messages. The number of sources in the Grand Bibliography are 1701. Total pages in the manuscript are 1240. For those who are not aware, this project is the culmination of my studies and research within the whole of Arthuriana from 1972 to the present day 😀

Tomorrow (Saturday 23 November – Doctor Who day, incidentally) through Saturday 30 November are my next off days. My schedule includes (for the second month now) a “week” off at the end of each month. The only blog posts that might occur during that period would be to inform you of new Arthurian Literature posts of mine on the Arthurian Legends blog; and to inform you of any additional authors for Afterwords and Forewords. Remember we are now at 14, only 18 left to go! Almost halfway there! 😊

I will recommence on Sunday 1 December 2019. As always, I will keep up with my social media every day. 😛

Until then, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

Special Announcement: Jason Hamilton will be writing the Foreword to The History volume.

We are at thirteen (13) authors now. Only nineteen (19) left to go! 😁

Glad to have Jason onboard for The History volume’s Foreword. If anyone wants to volunteer for other volumes, or for The History volume’s Afterword, let me know! 😀

Until tomorrow (Sunday), True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

Had a good day. 😁

Submitted my Vita Sancti Euflami article for the Arthurian Legends blog. Am now back to 14 November 2018 in my email. Sources are 1606. Pages, 1231. 😀

Tomorrow (Monday) is another work day. Next article to write will be Vita Sancti Paterni. I hope to have that and the article of Vita Sancti Carantoci finished by month’s end as well. Although, there are two versions of Vita Carantoci (noted as Prima and Secunda). I am sure that article will be a little more involved.

Until tomorrow, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

Hectic day with multiple interruptions. 😳

In spite of today’s intermittent schedule, I did accomplish a variety of things. To 3 February 2019 in email. Sources are 1573. Pages, 1226.

Going to write three articles this month for the Arthurian Legends blog: Vita Sancti Euflami (Life of Saint Efflam), Vita Sancti Paterni (Life of Saint Padarn), and Vita Sancti Carantoci (Life of Saint Carannog). 😁

Figured out that I am going to have to learn Vedic Sanskrit to thoroughly be able to research the Rigveda, specifically the geography of the text. There is a very odd connection between the river Rasā (rásā रसा) in the Rigveda and the Egyptian Sun God Ra or Re (most accurately pronounced “ray”). It ties into the History volume of Circle of Logres. More on that later.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is an off day. I will be back on Friday.

Until then, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎