Welcome Fiona, Cheryl, and Wendy to Afterword for Compendium. 😁

It was decided that because the Afterword to The Compendium volume will be not only a capstone to the text itself, it will also be such to the entire Encyclopædia, that three authors were needed to properly encapsulate the content and importance of both The Compendium volume and the whole of the Circle of LogresEncyclopædia Arthuriana.

Fiona Ingram started her fiction writing career after a family trip with her mom and two young nephews to Egypt for the ‘adventure of a lifetime’ that changed her life.  She decided to write a short story for her nephews as a different kind of souvenir of their holiday.  The short story turned into a full-length book that turned into an exciting seven-book adventure series.  Fiona’s multi-award-winning middle-grade series is sure to get any reluctant young reader to love books.  She edits for a top book review company, teaches online novel writing, and is busy writing the next adventure in the series.

Cheryl Carpinello is a retired high school English teacher.  After 20+ years of working with students who didn’t like to read, she discovered the topics that inspired those Reluctant Readers to pick up books: Arthurian Legend and stories from the Ancient World.  With her Tales & Legends, she inspires Reluctant Young Readers & others to read more and explore the legends of the world.

After teaching French, Latin, and Classical Studies for almost 20 years, Wendy Leighton-Porter’s career took a new direction when she decided to fulfil her ambition of becoming a children’s author.  A passion for history inspired her debut writing project – an ambitious 25-part series of Middle-Grade time-travel adventures, Shadows from the Past.  Each of the stories is set during periods of history that have always fascinated her, including that of the Dark Ages world of Arthurian legend.  Adventure and education always go hand-in-hand in Wendy’s books, which are designed to allow young readers to learn, perhaps without even realising it.

Welcome aboard Fiona, Cheryl, and Wendy!

Special Announcement: Şafak Horzum will be writing the Foreword to the Compendium volume. 😎

I would like to formally welcome Şafak Horzum to the ranks of those who are writing Forewords and Afterwords for Circle of Logres: Encyclopædia Arthuriana. He will be responsible for the Foreword to the Compendium volume. He is a visiting scholar in English at Harvard University.

I am very much looking forward to counting him among us (there are now 10 people officially onboard for those Forewords and Afterwords). One more contributor, and we will be over one-third of the way to the total of 32. I will be uploading my regular post shortly.

Once again, welcome aboard Şafak Horzum! 😎

Interesting Directions, All Fruitful in Each Way.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is one of my off days. I am currently at 1055 sources, 1171 pages. This has definitely taken on a life of its own. Sunday will see more journeys and more revelations.

Another day almost done, true believers.

Never forget, Excalibur! 😎😀😎

Even though I have surpassed 1000 sources, I still have 6 folders left.

I am at 1018 sources, and 1166 pages. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is one of my off days. Still have physical folder left to peruse (from Wednesday onward).

Remember, this is the culmination of an effort that started in 1972. All of my research has been accumulating since that time.

I feel confident that by year’s end I will have a manuscript worthy of Beta-readers (I am really the only true Alpha-reader). I have a small circle of those who have supported my efforts, including those who have offered to write Forewords or Afterwords for each of the sixteen volumes. I currently have 8 people signed on for that. Which means that I need an additional 24 individuals who would be willing to write either a Foreword or an Afterword for one of each of the sixteen volumes. If anyone is interested, let me know. I do have some specific slots already filled. What I do not have is someone to write the Afterword for The Introduction volume. Jill M Roberts has agreed to write the Foreword for that volume.

Here is who and what I have so far:

As I previusly stated, Jill will be writing the Foreword to the Introduction volume. Linda A Malcor has agreed to write the Foreword to The Arthur volume, with John Matthews writing the Afterword for that same volume. Broadly John Knight has agreed to write the Afterword to The Grail text. Nicholas Anthony Tockert II will be writing Excalibur’s Foreword, while Thomas Branchetti will take the Afterword to that same book. Huathe Fearn has agreed to write the Foreword to Merlin, and Meredith Mackworth-Praed with be creating Lancelot’s Foreword.

That leaves 4 books with either an unclaimed Foreword or Afterword. Ten of the volumes have no one claiming either one for them. Those ignored volumes cover the following: The History text (which explores the historical backdrop of Arthuriana); The Lady of The Lake; Gawain; Morgan le Fay, Mordred, and Avalon; Camelot; Tristan and Isolde; The Round Table and True Knights; Perceval and Galahad; Guinevere; and the final volume, The Compendium (which will not only include a summary of summaries from the previous texts, but will also include a comprehensive Bestiary Arthuriana).

So if anyone feels so inclined to volunteer to write some of the missing Forewords or Afterwords (as those volumes emerge for you to do so), let me know.

This is an opportunity to help unite the whole of Arthuriana. Looking forward to the eventual fruition of this wondeful adventure.

Until Wednesday, true believers, Excalibur! 😎😀😎

Added detail from the Bestiary to the manuscript for The Introduction volume.

For now, I have all of the major beasties and their occurances, within source texts, included in the manuscript for The Introduction volume. That brings me to a total of 1106 pages. Time to start from the top and sweep through the manuscript for “hack and slash” editing (and some reduction of text due to combinatory factors of repetition). I will be addressed those issues starting tomorrow. Be safe out there! 😀

Do not forget to tool around the website for Circle of Logres: Encyclopædia Arthuriana (http://www.CircleOfLogres.com/). 😎

Attempted to harmonise the Introduction volume web page with the Compendium web page.

The specific agreement was the Arthuriana Bestiary. That side-tracked me a little bit in dealing with formatting issues (consistent capitalisation of A and The, everywhere they occurred). I believe that the Mediæval Sources web page, the Compendium page, and the Introduction volume’s web page are in sync. I will be going back over those once I have the Bestiary detail copied to the manuscript for the Introduction volume itself. Not sure how much more I can accomplish tonight. I will, as always, do my best. 😎👽😎

Finished updating the Arthuriana Bestiary section of the Compendium web page.

For now, I am finished with the Arthuriana Bestiary section of the Compendium web page. http://CompendiumOfSummaries.CircleOfLogres.com/

Tomorrow, I will be transferring the detail of the Bestiary to the Introduction volume’s manuscript. 😎