Had a good day. 😁

Submitted my Vita Sancti Euflami article for the Arthurian Legends blog. Am now back to 14 November 2018 in my email. Sources are 1606. Pages, 1231. 😀

Tomorrow (Monday) is another work day. Next article to write will be Vita Sancti Paterni. I hope to have that and the article of Vita Sancti Carantoci finished by month’s end as well. Although, there are two versions of Vita Carantoci (noted as Prima and Secunda). I am sure that article will be a little more involved.

Until tomorrow, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

Hectic day with multiple interruptions. 😳

In spite of today’s intermittent schedule, I did accomplish a variety of things. To 3 February 2019 in email. Sources are 1573. Pages, 1226.

Going to write three articles this month for the Arthurian Legends blog: Vita Sancti Euflami (Life of Saint Efflam), Vita Sancti Paterni (Life of Saint Padarn), and Vita Sancti Carantoci (Life of Saint Carannog). 😁

Figured out that I am going to have to learn Vedic Sanskrit to thoroughly be able to research the Rigveda, specifically the geography of the text. There is a very odd connection between the river Rasā (rásā रसा) in the Rigveda and the Egyptian Sun God Ra or Re (most accurately pronounced “ray”). It ties into the History volume of Circle of Logres. More on that later.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is an off day. I will be back on Friday.

Until then, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

Despite technology malfunctioning, things have been accomplished

Suffice it to say that technology is either functioning or it is not functioning. I have ultimately triumphed. 😁

That being said, I have shifted gears a bit. Currently at 1354 sources, 1204 pages. I no longer really have “total sources on the increase” as my work-day goal. It is a mix of a few new sources and being sure that I have digital, physical, or both of all existing sources.

I was also a bit side-tracked by my next two articles for the Arthurian Legends blog (he already has six of my previous articles still in the queue, scheduled to be posted in the Literature section over the next few months). I have begun the outlines for both of my newest articles.

These next two articles are Legenda Sancti Goeznovii (Legend of Saint Goeznovius), and Vita Sancti Cadoci (Life of Saint Cadoc). Please do not confuse the second one with Vita Sancti Carantoci, both the Prima and Secunda of it. Saint Cadoc is not the same as Saint Carannog (otherwise known as Carantoc). I will probably end up writing an article on Vita Sancti Carantoci (both Prima and Secunda) either next month or the month after. We shall see how everything else goes.

So, tomorrow (Monday) continues my dive into my email and the searching out of copies of sources to have (offline) at my disposal.

Until tomorrow, Excalibur! 😎