Welcome Fiona, Cheryl, and Wendy to Afterword for Compendium. ūüėĀ

It was decided that because the Afterword to The Compendium volume will be not only a capstone to the text itself, it will also be such to the entire Encyclopædia, that three authors were needed to properly encapsulate the content and importance of both The Compendium volume and the whole of the Circle of Logres: Encyclopædia Arthuriana.

Fiona Ingram started her fiction writing career after a family trip with her mom and two young nephews to Egypt for the ‚Äėadventure of a lifetime‚Äô that changed her life.¬† She decided to write a short story for her nephews as a different kind of souvenir of their holiday.¬† The short story turned into a full-length book that turned into an exciting seven-book adventure series.¬† Fiona‚Äôs multi-award-winning middle-grade series is sure to get any reluctant young reader to love books.¬† She edits for a top book review company, teaches online novel writing, and is busy writing the next adventure in the series.

Cheryl Carpinello is a retired high school English teacher.  After 20+ years of working with students who didn’t like to read, she discovered the topics that inspired those Reluctant Readers to pick up books: Arthurian Legend and stories from the Ancient World.  With her Tales & Legends, she inspires Reluctant Young Readers & others to read more and explore the legends of the world.

After teaching French, Latin, and Classical Studies for almost 20 years, Wendy Leighton-Porter‚Äôs career took a new direction when she decided to fulfil her ambition of becoming a children‚Äôs author.¬† A passion for history inspired her debut writing project ‚Äď an ambitious 25-part series of Middle-Grade time-travel adventures,¬†Shadows from the Past.¬† Each of the stories is set during periods of history that have always fascinated her, including that of the Dark Ages world of Arthurian legend.¬† Adventure and education always go hand-in-hand in Wendy‚Äôs books, which are designed to allow young readers to learn, perhaps without even realising it.

Welcome aboard Fiona, Cheryl, and Wendy!