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First Official Work Day of October 2021 😳

Have been a bit stalled in the Grand Bibliography. Fleshing out a Mythology Dictionary as part of the Bibliography. Have also been editing the main page at

At the 1865th source out of 2901. October will be productive in terms of getting through the remainder of the Grand Bibliography. Until the next update, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

Welcome to 1938. 😡😥😡

I am not an alarmist, nor a fearmonger, nor a doomsayer. I am a realist, a pragmatist, a scientist, a logician. Yet, I can see “the writing on the wall”. I saw it over twenty years ago. Very few believed me. Maybe now more will believe me. Please read the following article and judge for yourself. Thank you.

First Work Day of 2021. 😳

At source 645 out of 2780 total sources in the Grand Bibliography. It is my hope that 2021 will be considerably more productive than 2020. I have decided to give two Sunday updates per month. Not sure when the second post for January will be, but all of the first monthly updates will occur on the first work day of each month. 😁

So, until the second update for January 2021, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

Definitely Last Work Day of August. 😶

Slow and Stupid are the words for August. My scheduled first work day for next month is Sunday 6 September 2020. We shall see if that schedule holds true. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is an off day. That off day shall last at least up to and including Saturday 5 September 2020. The Grand Bibliography has 2658 sources. The Manuscript is 1387 pages. So, until September, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

Slow First Work Day of the Month. 😐

Two former school mates visited from Thursday through Saturday. Had a great time, in spite of reality’s high weirdness lately. 😁

Did accomplish some things today. The Grand Bibliography has 2552 sources. The Manuscript is 1374 pages. Tomorrow (Monday) is another work day. So, until then, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

More Progress. 😃

The Grand Bibliography has 2387 sources. The Manuscript is 1350 pages. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is an off day. Until Wednesday, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

A Bit of a Rough Day, Yet Still Accomplished Some Things. 😐

Battling with my twisted ribs from my bike crash of 1979. But that is a whole other story … 😳

Meanwhile, The Grand Bibliography has 2377 sources. The Manuscript for The Circle of Logres: Introduction volume is 1348 pages. Tomorrow (Monday) is another work day. So, until then, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

Still Accomplishing Things. 😁

The Grand Bibliography has 2367 sources. The Manuscript is 1347 pages. Tomorrow (Saturday) is an off day. So, until Sunday, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎