On to the next phase

Total of 995 pages, with a Notes section of 699 citations referencing 146 sources. My next phase will be rearranging some content throughout the manuscript. After that, I will be re-checking all of my citation references.

Then I will go back to my original nine texts from my 1985 paper “King Arthur”. I will revisit those sources to expand the manuscript in a way to extend the original feel of the paper onto the Introduction volume, thereby given the same feel to the overall set of 16 books.

Tomorrow, some rearranging of information. 💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤

Checked some original citations and did some editing.

Started checking some of my original citations from my 1985 “King Arthur” paper. Most so far have been spot on. A few had to be modified slightly. No big deal.

I did some editing as well. I am in the Roman subsection of the History section of the Introduction volume. Made it to page 786 out of 1006. More editing tomorrow! 💤💤💤💤💤💤💤

Arthur, Gildas, and Badon.

I keep encountering varying degrees of narrow-mindedness in a few King Arthur themed groups. So here goes.

I would like to address three topics: Arthur, Gildas, and Badon.

Firstly, Arthur is a composite. There is absolutely no one in history or myth who is THE Arthur. There are multiple Proto-Arthurs who fed into a composite “Arthur of Badon”. Then there are over 30 characters (some wholely historical, others mythologised) who can be said to co-exist within the era AD 470 to AD 530. This is the era of the composite person we call “Arthur of Badon”. From AD 530 onward, we have numerous people who contributed to the composite “Arthur of Romance”. Now on to Gildas.

There are three Gildases:
Gildas I is Gilta(s)/Gildas who was born AD 425/426 and died AD 512. Obviously he is not our Gildas (this would put Badon occurring c AD 425/426).

Gildas II is Gildo/Gilda(s) who was born AD 490/493/516, wrote in AD 540/546/560, and died AD 560/563/570 (this is obviously the generally accepted Gildas, putting Badon around AD 490/493/516).

Gildas III, known simply as Gildas, was born AD 545/551 and died after AD 565 (this would put Badon at c AD 545/551).

Which brings me to the Battle of Badon itself. With the existence of the above Gildases, especially Gildas II and Gildas III, this gives rise to two argued-over dates for the battle as AD 500 and AD 550.

So, depending on which Gildas you choose (Gildas II or Gildas III), you are looking at AD 500 (plus 16 or minus 7 or 10 years) or AD 550 (545/551).

I believe that I have more than adequately presented the arguements. In total, the above presentation makes the most sense to me (and, I hope, to a great many others). Feel free to share this wherever you wish to do so. Thank you. 😎

Not a major editing day. Source Texts of the Bardic Tradition for now.

I did edit a few lines, but recently I have become more focused on the source texts themselves than on editing the manuscript. Specifically, I have been sorting through Arthuriana’s “Bardic Tradition”, which seems to describe multiple Arthurs as well as support the reality of multiple Gildases.

I suppose leaving the manuscript for a little while on page 755 out of 1023 isn’t too bad. I will come back to it shortly, and keep you all updated. 😎😀😎