Despite Mobile Data Issues, Accomplished Tasks on First Work Day of Month. 😀

Upgraded my monthly mobile plan to the newest version, as a consequence all of my data is somehow being counted as hotspot data. Have two trouble tickets open for it. Should hopefully be sorted by Wednesday or Thursday. 😶

The Grand Bibliography has 2467 sources. The Manuscript is 1312 pages. Tomorrow (Monday) is another work day. Until then, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

In the Ideal World …

… there are three of everything. I do my best in terms of adhering to that maxim. It is especially important to me when I find scans of rare and important texts. I do my utmost to have three of everything within that arena. I backup data to two separate locations. So today was mostly concentrating on having both physical and digital copies of source texts. 😁

The Grand Bibliography has 2152 sources. The manuscript is 1284 pages. Tomorrow (Monday) is another work day. So, until then, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

Summary of Current Strategy ✌❤🚀

My most recent tasks during my work or “on” days have been an attempted balance between checking source content for my physical copies of texts (sometimes overlapping with having them also in digital form); locating copies of any kind (physical, digital, excerpts) for the Mediæval Source texts that require it; and attempting to finish sorting my old emails (which contain sources and/or source links). I wish to “freeze” the Grand Bibliography ASAP; but it must happen at a logical juncture. Things are moving way too slowly for my taste. As I get all of the ducks in a row for the entire project’s structure, things will move much more quickly (in theory). This is a culmination of over four decades of research. It is also the first time that literally all of my notes and research have been put in one place. It is truly colossal. I am here alone, so I must do everything that needs to be done. Today is a work day, so I need to accomplish tasks. Look for my regular blog post later. 😎

Still processing … 😳😱😶

The Grand Bibliography has 2137 sources now. Eventually, each of the sixteen (16) volumes will have a Bibliography for Cited Sources, and a Bibliography for Further Reading. The manuscript for The Introduction volume is 1282 pages. 😊

Tomorrow (Thursday) is an off day. Until Friday, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

Bit under the weather, but still accomplished things. 😳

Been a complex and busy day. Made it to 2 March 2018 in my emails (still working backward in time). The Grand Bibliography is currently at 1977 sources. The manuscript for this Introduction volume is 1266 pages. 😁

Tomorrow (Saturday) is an off day. Until Sunday, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

Tiring day. 😶

Did make some progress. Made it back to 18 March 2018 in my emails. The Grand Bibliography contains 1963 sources. Manuscript is 1265 pages. 😀

Tomorrow (Thursday) is an off day. Until Friday, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

Last work day of the year. 😳

As I said in Wednesday’s blog post, I am taking an additional week off at the end of each year. I will return on Sunday 5 January 2020. 😀

I will keep up my daily social media, and eventually answer msgs. 😂

Made it to 10 April 2018 in my email. The Grand Bibliography is 1882 sources. The manuscript to the Introduction volume is 1258 pages. 😁

Until next year, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

Today was a “mediated” day.

In my universe, a “mediated” day means it is a work day that is interrupted by those who feel that I can somehow either instantly solve their problem or that I have time to explain (or re-explain) a detailed concept that had already been explained at some earlier date. A work day is a work day for me. Work is first. On my “off” days, anyone who wishes to attempt to monopolise my time has exactly one hour in which to accomplish what you set out to do (family are the only – limited – exceptions). My decompression and relaxation are in some ways more important than the work itself. If I do not have my “health”, then I cannot accomplish the “work”. 😁

With that said, it will not be repeated, only acted upon. Currently made it to 22 April 2018 in my emails. The Grand Bibliography currently stands at 1862 sources. The manuscript is 1256 pages in length. 😀

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is an off day. Until Wednesday, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

In spite of everything, things were accomplished today. 😁

When it is one of my work days, do not be surprised if I do not answer the mobile. Also, do not be surprised if I do not immediately answer a text. Some days are fuller than others. Repeated phoning and/or repeated msging will only cause me to take longer to get to the calls and/or msgs. Nothing is that important that it can’t wait. If it is an emergency, perhaps I am not the one who can help. 😳

All of that being said, I am at 30 May 2018 in my emails (remember, I am going backward in time through them). The Grand Bibliography currently stands at 1788 sources. The manuscript for The Introduction volume is presently at 1248 pages. 😀

Tomorrow (Thursday) is an off day. I refuse to repeat myself from the past concerning how my off days are handled. 😶

Until Friday, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎