This Month has been Tiresome and Tedious. Ending monthly work day schedule early. 😶

Tomorrow (Monday) will most likely be my last official work day of this month. That being said, my latest Arthurian Legends blog article submission will be completed by month’s end. It is my hope that I will resume the next month’s work schedule on Sunday 6 September. I make no guarantees. I will do my best. Only 59 of my remaining sources require incorporation into the Grand Bibliography, which presently stands at 2651 sources. Hoping to “freeze” that bibliography soon. There are still some “sources” that require combination with others under single headings. This is particularly true of both web-based sources and multi-book sets. The Manuscript has 1388 pages. That, too, shall be edited down over the course of the remainder of this year and into the next, while various quotes and citations are sorted. There are a few “Mediæval Texts” of which I have cited, but are yet to be in my possession in the form of complete physical and/or digitally scanned copies (for completeness-sake). I had never dreamed that this project would be so completely overwhelming in and of my life. So, until my next post, my True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

Summary of Current Strategy ✌❤🚀

My most recent tasks during my work or “on” days have been an attempted balance between checking source content for my physical copies of texts (sometimes overlapping with having them also in digital form); locating copies of any kind (physical, digital, excerpts) for the Mediæval Source texts that require it; and attempting to finish sorting my old emails (which contain sources and/or source links). I wish to “freeze” the Grand Bibliography ASAP; but it must happen at a logical juncture. Things are moving way too slowly for my taste. As I get all of the ducks in a row for the entire project’s structure, things will move much more quickly (in theory). This is a culmination of over four decades of research. It is also the first time that literally all of my notes and research have been put in one place. It is truly colossal. I am here alone, so I must do everything that needs to be done. Today is a work day, so I need to accomplish tasks. Look for my regular blog post later. 😎

Still processing … 😳😱😶

The Grand Bibliography has 2137 sources now. Eventually, each of the sixteen (16) volumes will have a Bibliography for Cited Sources, and a Bibliography for Further Reading. The manuscript for The Introduction volume is 1282 pages. 😊

Tomorrow (Thursday) is an off day. Until Friday, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

Crazy day. 😱

Did accomplish a few concrete things. Still at 3 April 2018 in my emails. The Grand Bibliography is 1946 sources. Still at 1265 pages for the manuscript. 😳

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is an off day. Until Wednesday, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

First Work Day of 2020. 😁

Schedule is working out wonderfully. Today went well. Currently sitting at 3 April 2018 in my emails. The Grand Bibliography is at 1945 sources. The Introduction manuscript is at 1265 pages total. 😀

It is becoming more and more clear to me that this project is my Opus Magnum. As explained on the Main Page of the Circle of Logres website, each volume goes well beyond the explanations for each topic within Arthuriana. Each book is governed by the specific Archetype that manifests not only in Arthuriana, but across time from the earliest existence of the concept to its modern incarnations. The bulk of information presented in each volume does indeed represent those Archetypes within the true Source Texts of Arthuriana. 😳

So, with that in mind, it is my fondest hope that 2020 will see us gathering together all of the necessary authors to truly “bookend” these sixteen (16) volumes. Ultimately, I hope to unite all of Arthuriana in this common cause. 😊

Tomorrow (Monday) is a work day. So, until then True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

Last work day of the year. 😳

As I said in Wednesday’s blog post, I am taking an additional week off at the end of each year. I will return on Sunday 5 January 2020. 😀

I will keep up my daily social media, and eventually answer msgs. 😂

Made it to 10 April 2018 in my email. The Grand Bibliography is 1882 sources. The manuscript to the Introduction volume is 1258 pages. 😁

Until next year, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

An odd day that is ending well. 😁

Started the day with slow and malfunctioning technology. Wasn’t just me. It was other computers as well, across the vastness of the net. 😱

Things eventually picked up speed. Ending the work day on a positive note. 🎵

This was my second to last work day of the year. I have decided to change one more aspect of my monthly schedule. It will now be a yearly schedule. I will be adding the previous week to my already-established “last week of the month” component. Therefore, in this present year, I shall be off from Saturday 21 December 2019 to Saturday 4 January 2020. My first work day of the New Year will be Sunday 5 January 2020. 😀

This extra “week off” will only occur in December of each year. As it stands, Friday 20 December 2019 is my last work day of the year. Today, I am at 12 April 2018 in my email. The wonderful Grand Bibliography includes a total of 1873 sources. Pages total for the Introduction volume’s manuscript is 1257. 😊

Tomorrow (Thursday) is an off day. So, until Friday, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎