First Official Work Day of November 2021.

Still immersed in that Mythology Dictionary from two months ago. I may indeed have to add another year to the publishing schedule (Introduction volume being published in June 2024 instead of how it is presently listed on the website as June 2023). We shall see how things go after the first of the year. Until next month, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

Had a productive day.

Now have 731 sources. Manuscript is 1134 pages. Saturday is still my off day (day of rest).

Do not forget to visit Remember, do NOT use Firefox, it is STILL buggy. Have not heard from Mozilla/Firefox yet at all. Website displays properly in all browsers EXCEPT FOR FIREFOX. 😠

See you all on Sunday. 😀😎😀

Did accomplish some worthwhile tasks.

I am now at 681 sources and 1129 pages total on The Introduction manuscript.

Today has gone from the rudiculous to the sublime.

Found out that The Orville will be moving to Hulu for season 3. Star Trek: Picard is already going to be on CBS All-Access (which is a rather oxymoronic name, considering “All” cannot “Access” it unless they pay).

That aside, being retired is not as simple as one might think. Especially for me, who has always felt that I had to accomplish things.

Balance is going to have to be the key. I was just reaching the point at which I could save a little each month. Now that will have to go for ST: Picard. We knew it was going to be on pay cbs anyway. But The Orville? That really shocked me when Seth made the excuse that because the production is more involved and the special effects are more complex, that Fox would not let them wait until 2020 to get season three ready. But Hulu will. They don’t care about schedules. So Seth just skips over to Hulu, not caring that part of his fanbase will not have access. Has he sold out? Maybe. Do I care? You really do not want to hear my retort. 😠

Anyway, I am making progress on Circle of Logres: Encyclopædia Arthuriana. Fairly soon, in the next few months, a Kickstarter campaign will be set up and coordinated by a trusted colleague. She wants to be sure that the project gets the funding that it deserves.

Don’t forget to visit

But do NOT use Firefox until they fix the bug in their browser that jumbles numbers and letters within outlines. I have sent them a bug report, but have yet to hear back from anyone there. In the meanwhile …

See you next time, true believers!

Excalibur!! 😎

I will accomplish some things before the day is done.

The present pace at which I have been working on The Introduction volume’s manuscript has been taking a slight toll on my health. I am determined to only slow down a little and balance it with other aspects of my life. I had already (a few months ago) delayed the Circle of Logres schedule by a year. My goal is to have this first volume out by June 2020.

Check the outlines on for adjusted scheduling of releases. Do NOT use Firefox. Their most recent upgrade has caused display issues within the lettering and numbering of outlines. No other browser has this issue. I have informed Mozilla/Firefox of the issue. I have yet to receive a response. Pity, Firefox was my favourite. It is not my favourite anymore. 😢😎

Cheers to you all! Have a great remainder of the day! 😀

Didn’t get much done at all today.

Discovered that the newest Firefox has a bug. It will not display hierarchies properly. It mixes up and repeats some of the letters and numbers. This completely derailed me in the past 3 hours. So I really don’t have any reasonable update today in terms of The Introduction maniscript. I had an appointment earlier in the day. Then I ate. Really thought I would have a productive evening. There is always tomorrow.

Take care everyone! 😎