Originally posted on blackwings666: RIK MAYALL – March 7, 1958- June 9, 2014 was a British comedian and actor most famous for his role as ‘RIK’ on THE YOUNG ONES – he also starred in the 90s film DROP DEAD FRED – THE YOUNG ONES was a surprise hit in the United States when it…


First Official Work Day of March 2021. 🤓

On source 958 out of 2838 in the Grand Bibliography. Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are full work days. Tuesday and Thursday are half work days. Saturday is off day. Will be continuing with monthly updates. Until April, True Believers, Excalibur! 😎

Walter Sampson (Brainwave)

The third character seen in the first group picture from Jupiter’s Legacy is also the most relevant for the story among the three seen from the First Generation: he is Brainwave, portrayed by Ben Daniels. He is the Utopian‘s older brother, and has been a superhero by his side for decades… but he hides a […]

Walter Sampson (Brainwave)

Portraits of Queen Mary and of Others Connected with her Period and History, pp.77-86.

[Scottish National Memorials Contents]    PORTRAITS, in Oil, of King James V. of Scotland and his wife, Queen Mary of Guise, the father and mother of Queen Mary Stewart. He is represented wearing a fur-lined cloak with furred sleeves. He holds between his thumb and first finger a jewel, which hangs by a chain of […]

Portraits of Queen Mary and of Others Connected with her Period and History, pp.77-86.

Ptolemy’s Paradigm: A Picture of Precession

A remarkably clear picture of the Precession of the Equinoxes emerges when the chronology is cleaned-up. Precession of the Equinoxes The Earth’s rotational axis has a wobble called Axial Precession. Axial precession is the movement of the rotational axis of an astronomical body, whereby the axis slowly traces out a cone. In the case of […]

Ptolemy’s Paradigm: A Picture of Precession

Video Game Isis to Become Eset

A perfect example I am not a fan of comicbooky-videogamey over-sexualized depictions of the Deities. I am especially not a fan of images of Goddesses with huge, spherical boobs that would hurt like heck in real combat (oh, it’s always about combat; you know that.) Personally, I like my Deity images to be either historical […]

Video Game Isis to Become Eset

Abbott and Costello Meet… Pretty Much Everybody Universal Can Get Their Hands On / Happy Birthday Lou Costello

This is the first of two entries on Abbott and Costello that I’ll be doing for this weekend’s “Dynamic Duos in Classic Film” Blogathon which is being co-hosted by Once Upon a Screen and the Classic Movie Hub Blog. Come back tomorrow for part two, which will focus on the comedy-mystery movies that Abbott and…

Abbott and Costello Meet… Pretty Much Everybody Universal Can Get Their Hands On / Happy Birthday Lou Costello

Majora’s Mask: The Black Sheep

Up to this point, Zelda games have been very simple and uplifting. They’ve had some dark elements here and there, but at their hearts, the Zelda games before this one have been meant to make you feel good. To create a sense of wonder and adventure. Then Majora’s Mask came around and said “Get in […]

Majora’s Mask: The Black Sheep

Witch Test One

Originally posted on Glyn Hnutu-healh: History, Alchemy, and Me: Witch Test: #1  There are ten ways used to detect witches. The first is finding the CAUSE OF FITS. If a villager behaves moonstruck and odd whenever a certain person is near, that person may be accused of causing their ailment. (Picture: Public Domain) Copyright ©…

Witch Test One