Many are the years that passed, since I served as Imperator, In that house of flame, where I taught the seeds of stars The mysteries of Mars, not even a fortnight asleep in my cold grave, Had the message been lost, and the truth turned sour That these star-borne lads sought to devour and take […]


gnostics and religions (ε)

(BEING CONTINUED FROM 13/1/21) INDIAN SOURCES OF GNOSTICISM.–MANES. The Persian origin of so considerable a portion of the Gnosis having been set forth in the foregoing pages, it remains to show what portion is due to a purely Indian source, and to indicate the channels through which a direct intercourse was carried on between the farthest east and the […]

gnostics and religions (ε)

The Great One Piece Journey (FINALE… For Now): Wano

Heads up: this review of the Wano material will cover up until chapter 1049 of the manga. This means that my coverage of the arc will be incomplete, as it still hasn’t ended as of the writing of this article. And of course: spoilers! Here we are, ladies and gents. The most recent arc of […]

The Great One Piece Journey (FINALE… For Now): Wano

Harper Row (Bluebird)

Among the many DC Comics series that have been axed in the last days on The CW, there is one that has received green light instead: Gotham Knights, set in a parallel reality (not the Arrowverse, apparently) where Batman has been killed and some kids, among which the children of the Dark Knight‘s greatest enemies, […]

Harper Row (Bluebird)

From the Archives: Preserving the Complete History: Remembering Japanese Internment Camps

This was originally posted on May 28, 2017 A couple of months ago I did a day trip to visit the historical site of one of the 10 internment camps which were formed due to Executive Order 9066 issued on February 19, 1942. Manzanar Relocation Camp is located between the Sierra Nevadas and the Owens […]

From the Archives: Preserving the Complete History: Remembering Japanese Internment Camps

Sir Barnabas and the Dragon – Four

The tale of a bold knight, a valiant steed, an innocent maiden and a cunning dragon… Marplot didn’t move, so Barney gave him a not too gentle shove.“Go on, man, be about your business.”Marplot scuttled off and Barney swore.“We need to be not here, my friend.”Salazar neighed at him, and he got the feeling that […]

Sir Barnabas and the Dragon – Four

Building an Earth Oven, Part II: Insulation, Finish Plaster, and Cob Mosaic

In last week’s post , we began exploring the build of an earth oven.  An Earth Oven is a simple structure, made of clay, sand, straw, stone, and fire brick, that you can use to cook foods in a traditional way.  Last week’s post walked you through the first set of steps for building your…

Building an Earth Oven, Part II: Insulation, Finish Plaster, and Cob Mosaic

Asking Isis for Guidance

In the Mediterranean world, the symbolism of the rudder continued to embrace the ideas of abundance and prosperity. In Hellenic lands, the rudder was a symbol of Agathe Tyche (Good Fortune). In Rome, it was the emblem of the Goddess Fortuna—and both Goddesses were intimately connected with Isis. In fact, of all the Goddesses in the areas influenced by Greece and Rome, Isis was the one Deity with Whom Agathe Tyche and Fortuna were most consistently assimilated.

Asking Isis for Guidance

Guys and Dolls

Guys And Dolls. MGM 1955. Before watching the movie: I always had the impression this was a story about mafiosos and their molls, but the closest I ever came to any glimpse of the actual contents of the musical was… highly adulterated, and I’m pretty sure bears no relationship to the actual musical. The summaries […]

Guys and Dolls